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10 Weeks to Owning Your Sexual Power

A deep transformational journey, for men

This is for you if you want to:

🔥 Connect to your grounded power.


🔥 Unwind conditioning, bringing presence to your pelvis and penis

and the way you make love.


🔥 Feel empowered and conscious in your fuck

- and in your kill.


🔥 Learn how to ravish with heart and presence. 


🔥 Increase presence and consciousness.


🔥 Bring hidden parts out of the shadow - gaining more confidence. 


🔥 Open up to new experiences of pleasure.


🔥 Learn how to bring intention and a particular quality into lovemaking.


🔥 Redefine and rewrite the story of masculinity and how it is to be a man. 


🔥 Become Multi-Orgasmic. 


Week 1: Masculine Power


Week 2: Masculine Embodiment


Week 3: Healing the Father


Week 4: Finding the Primal


Week 5: Holistic Sex Tools


Week 6: Sexuality - Beginner Training


Week 7: Sexuality - Intermediate Training


Week 8: Sexuality - Advanced Training


Week 9: Being Multi-Orgasmic


Week 10: Being an Advanced Lover


10 x 60 min coaching sessions, weekly, online

self practices + home play

1333 €

or 3 x 466€

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